Guthrie Aerial Photography

MARINE Aerial Photography


Aerial photography is a great way to capture your Harbour, Marina, Boat Yard, Cruise Ship, Merchant Ship or leisure watercraft.  Whether it’s for advertising, planning or maintenance, aerial images offer a unique viewing angle, displaying your target of interest and it’s surroundings.

We have been photographing maritime targets throughout Scotland for 15+ years, bringing experience and know-how to each photoshoot.  We are resourceful and flexible and can meet any special client requirements.

Here's how it works

The Target – Let us know what, when and where you require photographing.

The Quotation – A fixed quotation will be generated; starting from £290 + VAT as part of a shared flight.  Special one-off flights for time-sensitive jobs, and jobs further afield are no problem.

The Flying – Operating various small aircraft from Glasgow, Cumbernauld and Inverness Airports we fly approximately every 10 days.  We only fly with Commercial Pilots, are fully insured and have CAA approval for our operation.

The Photography – For each target a 360° survey will be undertaken. 20+ images will be captured; half of these close-ups and the other half wider images showing local amenities.

The Post Processing – All our images are post processed and ready-to-use before being forwarded to our clients via ‘WeTransfer’ or ‘Smash’.  If time is critical, the images can often be delivered the same day as the shoot.

  • Unlike drones we are not limited to 400ft, aircraft aerials are often 1,500ft but can be taken up to 5,000ft.  Photographs taken from a higher viewpoint are essential for larger sites and make local amenities appear closer to the target.
  • The aircraft is perfect for confidential jobs.
  • Quick turnaround of work.  Taking advantage of rare sunny Scottish days we can undertake multiple projects in multiple locations for you in one day.
  • We can legally fly over built-up areas and in controlled airspace, e.g. above city centres or busy airport locations.