Guthrie Aerial Photography

Hello! I am Iain Guthrie, owner of Guthrie Aerial Photography.

Some frequent Q&As:

When did you begin? 2006

What do you offer? Aerial imagery from a fixed wing aircraft (Cessna 172).

Where do you go? Throughout Scotland and North England.

What Cameras do you use? 50 megapixel DSLR.

What kind of images can you supply? Oblique and near vertical.

How many images do you supply? Typically 20+, but sometimes more for larger targets.

Do you offer new and stock images? Yes, as well as commissioned shoots we also offer library images.

Do you fly the aircraft? No! We hire a Commercial Pilot.

Are you legal? Yes, we are fully insured, as are the aircraft, and we have CAA approval operating our Part-SPO (Special Operations).

Any jobs you can’t do? No! Unlike drones we can legally fly over built up areas and in controlled airspace e.g. above city centres or busy airport locations.

Any copyright restrictions? No! Any high resolution images supplied to you can be reproduced (after payment) however you wish.

Any jobs too big or too small? No! We can fly up to 5,000ft and encompass very large areas, and small jobs are no problem due to powerful telephoto lenses.

How often do you fly? We fly about every 10 days or so, but can undertake one-off flights for time-sensitive jobs.

How quick after the flight will we get our images? If time is critical, the images can often be supplied the same day as the shoot.